This is where you find me exploring a variety of creative adventures mostly about but not limited to quilting. I'm a firm believer that one increases their creativity by being open to and playing with a variety of cretative endeavors ... at least that my excuse for today. Enjoy your sourjourn through my studio playroom. May you find encouragement and inspiration, and on occassion, a little pin-prick that may be thought-provoking or spark your imagination. Thank you for stopping by.

You can contact Kay by mail at the following address:
 Kay Oft  Mountaintop Quilting Studio  PO Box 113 Lenox Dale MA 01242.
You can also reach her by phone at  503-312-9336 or 413-394-5001 but the best way to reach her is by sending her an email. Just fill out the form below and click. Kay will be respond to your questions as soon as possible.
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