Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The weather is a mystery to me. I posted another rose picture to remind me that we had sunshine and warmer temperatures (still way below normal) but warmer than today and certainly dryer. We got all the way up to 47 today plus rain - the Oregon drizzly kind. Our snow levels are so low the state road department got the snow plows out again. 14" of new snow in the mountains this time of year surely must be some kind of record. But, it was nice on Sunday. Should have planted my geraniums and tomatoes then instead of quilting! But, onto other more pleasant things.

ALMOST THERE #1 ... I can't believe it isn't midnight yet and I'm all packed and ready to head for the airport. Usually when I have an early morning flight across country I will just stay up all night. Helps me throw my body clock off and I don't suffer from from jet lag. I'm usually asleep before we even lift off the runway! Crossword puzzles saved up from the last few days are packed; ipod is loaded with books, grandbaby photos, and a tune or two; got my Starbucks card loaded and ready to be whipped out on my stop in Phoenix; got everything we need to make the baby quilt for Eryn's friend; what am I forgetting? Hmmmm, scary thought when I think everything of any real importance is all ready to go in the bags.

ALMOST THERE #2 ... what's been on the machine? I've been working on Ruth's Double Wedding Ring quilt. First, I must say, Ruth, you did a great job with the piecing. Your quilt top just rested on the batting so nice and flat and square. Not easy to do with all those bias and curved edges. I worked out some great tips to streamline the quilting process with a Double Wedding Ring. I'll be doing a short workshop with the gals in Sisters, Oregon during our retreat this summer in July. Creative Studio, our new software update for our Statlers, makes the project much easier and much more accurate that it has been in the past.

Here's a tip for "toppers/piecers" and longarmers when you have a Double Wedding Ring quilt project:

Have the quilter baste down the edges of the outside bands and drop the quilting motifs in the melons and center areas. This should keep the costs for the quilting at a reasonable rate because no quilting has been added to the bands. I charge at a medium custom rate for this service. If I had added the ditch quilting to the bill, the pricing would have gone to the high end or heirloom quilting rates.

The piecer can then do the quilting in the ring areas. Many times they are quilted with stitch in the ditch to define those boundaries. Whether quilting is added in each of the little ring patches is up to the piecer. This kind of ditch quilting is done much more easily on the domestic sewing machine than on the longarm and can easily save the piecer quite a bit of money on the quilting bill.

ALMOST THERE #3 ... my list of "chores" to finish up before I leave are almost finished. Just a few things to finish cleaning up in the kitchen. Let the dogs out one last time for the night. Last thing to take care of ... a couple of reminders for you readers.

If you're a Statler quilter you'll want to be sure and "get your name in the hat" the the drawing for a free edge-to-edge design at the end of this month. It's easy - click on "post a comment" at the end of any post to enter the drawing. You don't even have to comment on the post - you can just say, "Put my name in the hat!" Right now, if no one else posts a comment you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Pretty good odds.

Also, remember to post your vote regarding the poll for this month regarding music playlist widgets on blogs. You'll find the poll at the top of the sidebar.

Have a great week from now until next Wednesday. I have no idea how my posting time will be. I will have my laptop with me and I usually work and keep up with my emails during Eryn's practice time. She as to keep her lip up and her fingers agile for her bassoon performances. I do remember her making reference to some trim in the guest room that needed finishing. Oh dear, sounds like another ALMOST THERE.

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pnw.kimberly said...

Kay, You know that isn't enough info! I am sure you want to share more with me so I can be prepared for Sister's to learn as much as I possibly can!! LOL! Have fun with Eryn and don't forget to put my name in the hat.


Nicole and Phil said...

I love the look of your duoble wedding ring quilt!
It makes me feel guilty that my king size quilt is quilted, but I am procrastinating with this curved border..I am so scared I will ruin the whole thing with bad curved binding...

Shannon said...

I have two DWRs to do. Yours looks lovely! Please put my name in the hat!

Sure wish there wasn't that darn wedding for my neice I have to go to. Would have loved to be at the retreat this year!

Joyce said...

Missed seeing everyone in Sisters this year!! Grandbabies are fun aren't they? Mine is 9 months old now. He'll be walking soon. Put my name in the hat!


Ivan and Georgia Stull said...

I really love the picture viewer on your blog!
Georgia S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaye, Please put my name in the hat. ~ Sally Gillman

Lisa Powell said...

That is a cool picture viewer on the side of your blog page! I had fun at Sisters! Don't forget to put my name in the hat!! :)

Anonymous said...

WEll you know I don't want to miss out on anything so please put my name in as well. Glad to hear you had a great visit with the twins!

Kimberly B

Judie Yates said...

Thanks for the helpful hints for a DWR. Please put my name in the hat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
I like it that you show photos for your tips. I try to print them out to save for future use, but can't seem to be able to do that. Any ideas for me to enable me to print them.

Hayward, CA

Anonymous said...



sshansen said...

please put my name in the hat for the e2e thank you