Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today is the day I start a new-to-me online workshop with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I stumbled across her blog the other day, did a little exploring and found myself signing up for her class. I excited to learn some hands-on techniques with my art journaling. I've been playing with the digital side for quite some time now and feel like I missed a step or two in my learning along the way because I have never done the paper scrapping.
And so it begins with a wonderfully organized lesson format delivered daily ... lessons filled with clear consice directions, great suggestions for alternative materials or techniques, and learnings to take away from the lesson of the day to tuck away in your bucket of tricks.
Day 1: we prepped our pages and played with creating a background, stamping, and journaling.
Day 2: we continued adding more visual interest to our page
Now I'm frustrated because I don't seem to have the supplies I need to get the effects I want to create. I'm struggling to find the right pen that will write over my painting ... arrrrgh ... I see a shopping trip looming on the horizon.
I also don't like the way my journaling is jammed up against each other. I need some breathing and doodling room between the entries. I think it might be time for my favorite "hands-on" delete key ... paint over what I don't like with gesso and then start again.
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