Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 DAYS: Day 3

I love a treat. I hadn't really thought of my day as a treat but that is what it turned out to be. In the beginning my day started as a day of running errands. Let's just take care of everything that needs to be done all at once and then I'm in for the next few days not having to go anywhere and i can create or do whatever strikes my fancy without interuption. (Mike flew out to Oregon early this morning so that REALLY helps keeping the interuptions under control LOL)

First on the list was to plug into the GPS the address to Miller's in Pittsfield. This is an art supply store I'd seen once during one of my exploring escapades but couldn't really remember exactly how to get there again. Ahhhh, I was in heaven the minute I walked in the door. How wonderful to wander the aisles soaking up all the goodness on those shelves. My bag was suprisingly small when I left but full of goodies I'd been secretly wanting for some time. I found my pens (Pitt pens from Faber Castell) and my pan pastels. I can't wait to get home and play with these last little pots of goodness. I've always loved playing with my oil pastels. I like getting my fingers into the mix and creating smeared blurred softer lines over my work.

And then it was off to Michaels to see if I can find any number and alpha rubber stamps that might work for the art journaling workshop and some stencils. I know I can always find stickers (DD and I had such fun playing in our calendars with stickers.) and I wanted to check out the paint markers from Sharpie.

My biggest quandry in all of this is that I'm not sure about the kind of journal I'm using. So far I've just been working in my moleskine. I wonder, do I need a journal filled with watercolor paper; do I need to be making my own signatures; what am I doing and where am I going with this art form? Not sure but I know my direction and my style will eventually emerge.

Later: While the "delete gesso" in the 30 Days journal was drying I decided to play with a digital design (see picture above) I had done earlier and make it more hybrid. I'm liking the more organic feel to my page when I play with it hands-on compared to printing it out digitally. The real-time dimension and texture make the page seem more alive. Aside from the fact that I haven't quite figured out how to correct my spelling error ... thank you DD for pointing out the right way to spell acupuncture.

I feel good about this page. I experimented with the new pens doing some drawing and outline work with the grass and sand castle bridge and had fun playing with the text.  The journaling is all about taking time out for yourself - recognizing when you're weary and stepping back for a little bit. And then the hard part ... Get Back to Work!

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