Friday, November 4, 2011

30 DAYS: Day 4

I added some collage, played with my pan pastels and checked out the journaling over the gesso and paint with the new Pitt pens. Wow, what a difference. Just like anything - when you have the right tools :) (the BEFORE page)

My new favorite thing for adding definition to the collaged shapes - playing with the pan pastels. I have only the basic colors but will definitely be going back and adding to the set.

As close friends and family know, those who know me well, my patience is non-existant. When I'm ready to go, when I'm ready to try something new, I need to do it now. It's called striking while the "creative iron" is hot, and that's how I am right now wanting to play with stenciling my page backgrounds. I can't wait for some of Julie's stencils to get here. So, in the meantime I did a little bit of play with a basic stencil from the local hobby store. The visual texture adds a whole new dimension to the page. AND ... now that I'm seeing them all together across the spread, I'm liking my big numbers. I wasn't sure about them to start with because they seemed to take over the whole page. I'm sure it doesn't help that my journal page size is about 5x8. I had to change around my way of thinking about what these pages are all about.

This journal is about:
  • recording your days ... simply with spontenaity
  • having fun playing with new techniques and different materials
  • exploring and enjoying the process
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