Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 DAYS: Day 6

My previous spread was full earlier in the week so I moved forward in my page prep; I wanted to play with a little bit of Teesha Moore style with creating a collage lady and page borders. I wanted to keep continuity with my big numbers. This part was done earlier in the week - I think about Day 3 or 4.

Day 6 rolls around and it's time to prep new pages and to add tags and background texture. Oh no, I was so intent on continuing with my theme and my agenda, I forgot that Julie would have "assignments" for me. She would have ideas for me to experiment with in my journal. Like ... adding tags and doing more with my background. What to do ... what to do ...

Problem solved! I doodled my tag around my lady and painted the "tag" with white acrylic. I also punched a hole in my tag/page and will add a ribbon tie after I'm finished with this side. and now for the background. How to stamp all those circles ... that is the questions at hand.

In my vast stash of rubber stamps I don't think there are any plain ring circles. Always time for a little shopping on the Internet, but then, do I really want to buy MORE supplies for the class - especially rubber stamps. Think, think think ... walk away from the studio table and ponder a little.

Problem solved! I found my perfect circle stamp using the end of an empty thread spool and then using a Smooch spray misting down inside. The ink ran down the insides and allowed me to create a "coffee cup" stain type of print. Gotta love the happy accidents.

Now to think about my journaling text path ... but, not to worry ... that's not until tomorrow ...
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