Monday, November 7, 2011

30 DAYS: Day 7

There's nothing like waking up in the morning with something to look forward to. The inner dialog goes like this:

"Oh, these quilts are sooooo warm and comfy. I don't want to leave the warm nest to get up to a shivering cold room. What time is it anyway?"
"Ugh, I need coffee ... Miso, what did you do with my other slipper? My toes are freezing!"
"Wait," ... hurrying out to the computer ... "get this puppy booted up. It's time for the next installment of my 30 Days in Your Journal class. What time did Julie say we could expect the new lesson to be posted? Gosh, I can't remember a thing these days. Coffee, I need coffee."
"Ok, computer is booting, coffee maker is heating up. I think I'm going to make it."
"Oh, YAY, the new lesson is posted," sigh, settling into my comfy chair coffee in hand ready to be inspired and energized with art journaling goodness for another day!

Today was all about tags and personal ephemera, but I'm facing a major dilemma with my page layout. I auditioned some tags on my page but even for "maximalest me" this page seems to be pretty full with out many more additions. I pondered different solutions throughout the day thinking i might have a major light bulb moment, but such was not the case. So, I mapped out a tentative plan for the journaling text path for each day and decided that I will go ahead making my tags and saving them in the "fodder file" for another day.
Having said that, you can see what I did do with my page spread today ... check out the close-up. In addition to my short, very short patch of journaling, I doodled my tag and my art dollie. She definitely is sporting an up-do these days but needs some serious help in the wardrobe department. I need to do something with her heels but I'm not sure if I should color her legs or leave them as is. What do you think?

Note to self ... next time remember ...
        • smaller numbers (but I like my big numbers)
        • fewer numbers on a spread (I can live with that)
        • use a larger journal (but this fits so well in my purse)

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