Thursday, January 3, 2013

THURSDAY 13 - 010313

Many of us choose to use a word to guide our intentions for the upcoming year following the guidance of Ali Edwards and her ONE LITTLE WORD program. I have done this for two years now. The first year for me was a little more focused and I was more actively involved with my word. (create order)
Alas, not so much last year. (balance) I plan to take a more active role this year with my new word ... more than the occasional think about it and then go on about my day  kind of participation. The first step in owning my word and being more accountable to what that could mean is declaring its existence and presence in my life for all the world to know with regular check-in posts to follow throughout the year. (why is it that I squirm in my chair when I write those words ... commitment issues?)
The word I chose as my word for this year this year is savor.
Definitions: verb: taste and enjoy completely;
noun: a characteristic taste, flavor or smell - especially a pleasant one.

And now for 13 synonyms for my one little word:
  1. delight in
  2. enjoy
  3. respect
  4. treasure
  5. appreciate
  6. luxuriate in
  7. relish
  8. admire
  9. applaud
  10. cherish
  11. praise
  12. revel in
  13. adore
Do you have a word chosen for the year? Are you a "one little word" follower? I'd love to learn what word you chose and hear how your "one little word" works into your life from day to day

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