Sunday, December 2, 2012


Anytime I think about making any kind of a commitment for a whole year I get a little bit squirming in my chair. I'm not quite sure what that is all about. Maybe I know myself too well. I will let family distract me; I will use weather as an excuse to avoid the obligation to myself; I will eventually be distracted with "something shiny" ... any new thing that comes my way.
But I am determined to see this one through. It doesn't seem that hard to step outside my studio door, walk across the yard and take a photo on the first of the month each month for a year. My biggest challenge will be in remembering to do it ... especially when the grands are visiting. Once again, not quite sure what that is all about other than the fact that I loose all attention to other stuff and am totally focused on Colin and Luci when they come to visit. But then, truth be told, what Grandmother doesn't suffer the same affliction.
And so, I've dutifully marked the date on the calendar with camera stickers and I've announced my acceptance of the challenge publically. I've already made note in my yearly blog planner with post dates scheduled. All that's left ...
...I just have to REMEMBER TO DO IT!
Oh, a just a quick aside ... isn't it cool that I decided to do this in December, so I'll have 13 photos for 2013. I love it when the plan comes together like that. Technically there is one month (this one) that is in 2012, but I like to think of it as my "baker's dozen" photo challenge.
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