Saturday, October 6, 2012


It was not a pretty day the first day the basement floor began to turn into my own personal lake. Having just moved from the west coast to the east coast, from Oregon drizzle to Massachusetts downpour, from hubby being there with me to rescue boxes, carry out buckets of water, and to fix the problem to being all on my own ... as you can well imagine ...

after the third time I just sat in a wet soggy mess on the stairs and cried!
Fast forward in time to a year ago ... house in Oregon is sold and hubby has joined me in Massachusetts. 
... now we wait for the rain ...
As any Oregonian can tell you, the waiting game, the waiting for rain wouldn't take very long, but in Massachusetts we have actual rainy seasons basically two times a year - in the spring and in the fall. Mike needed to see where and how the rain came in before he could figure out a solution.

By this time I have moved all packing boxes and stuff on shelving so nothing that could suffer from water damage is on the floor any more. Eveything is pretty much piled on tops of tables in the middle of the room. Off the floor and  away from windows where the water can come in as the water table rises.
... and so the waiting game begins ... praying all the while for a whopper of a rainstorm ...
Eventually, the rains came down, the water came in, all my stuff was safe, and the best part ... I had help carrying out buckets of water and cleaning up with the shop vac.  

All of this is to say ... today I am thankful for ... GUTTERS and DRAINPIPES! Yesterday Mike finished connecting the last of the pipe to the gutters we had installed this summer. Trenching through the rocky soil (residue from the original inadequate quassi drainfield that surround the house) was not fun for Mike but he is good at what he does when it comes to digging and now the drain pipes are all burried directing the water to the city drain system in the streets. Whew!

As for me ... no more excuses ...  I can finally start sorting and organizing as I unpack more quilting supplies boxes in the fabric storage room and of course, there is the other half of the basement with boxes of holiday stuff and who knows what else.

AN ASIDE: don't you think it seredipitous with the horseshoe nailed to one of the rocks Mike dug up ... it may be time to go buy a lottery ticket!

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