Saturday, November 1, 2014


November is all about the culinary! 

I've been struggling a bit in this department. You know all about finding yourself stuck in a rut when it comes time to fix dinner (or breakfast) ... 

and, when that happens I find that I really am totally uninspired no matter how many cookbooks I thumb through, no matter how many ingredient/recipe match-up searches I do,  no matter how many "good food" photos pop up on my instagram or facebook feed.

I'll blame my Fall culinary creativity slump on my summer "innkeeper" duties. I fix a lot of "brunchy" breakfasts and summer-evening-concert-in-the-park picnic dinners for our guests. I think when September rolls around I'm glad to back off with kitchen duties. At least for now, that's my excuse ...

When we were grocery shopping a few days ago the fish-market manager placed his salmon on sale for $4.99/pound - take it home and cook it or freeze it ... TODAY! Who could pass up a deal like that. So, I've been enjoying my salmon - a little each day, but when I saw this sauce from Cedars, it was all the inspiration I needed. My culinary mojo was back!

I've since discovered several recipes for making your own tzatziki but I do like the convenience of having it in the fridge for me whenever I need.

So ... back to the recipe for Spinach Salmon Pasta:
You need:
  • pasta (cooked to al dente and then tossed with just a bit of butter)
  • spinach (I pinch off the stems, toss in with the hot butter pasta and cover with a lid to do the slightest of slight wilt)

  • cherry tomatoes halved
  • flaked salmon (I baked my salmon at 350 seasoned with a lemon pepper mix for about 20 minutes or until the flesh was flakey)
Arrange the pasta spinach mix on a plate; scattered tomatoes artfully around the edges; add a mound of salmon on top of the mix; and for the final touch, a dollop of tzatziki on the salmon. I did add fresh pepper and a pinch of sea salt.

And as usually happens when I prepare a dish on the fly, off the cuff, improvising as I go ... I have no measurements or amounts. I followed the vision in my head and according to my taste preferences. But to help serve as a guide:
for one serving ...
  • about 1.5 cups of cooked pasta (I used about 2 handfuls into the boiling water)
  • about 1 cup of spinach
  • about 8 cherry tomatoes
  • about 3-4 ounces of salmon
  • about 1 heaping tablespoon of tzatziki
Definitely a keeper and I'll be listening for a special on salmon again and buying and freezing ahead! Let me know if you try this quick healthy dinner and what you think.

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