Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The intention

creating cards that contain ... 
  • affirmations
  • favorite quotes
  • secret messages
  • wordless art
  • inspiration
  • thought for the day
  • motivation
  •  and angel whisperings
Being still can sometimes be (or if we're being truly honest ... I should use the word VERY) difficult for me. I can be sitting as still as a rabbit who thinks no one can really see him, but my mind is racing with ideas a million miles a minute. Many times it takes all I've got to calm my mind to stillness. Needless to say, meditation can be a difficult practice for me on some days. There are strategies I practice to help still my mind:
... mindful deep breathing ...
... closing my eyes to visual stimulus ...
... focusing inward ...
... walking ...
... journaling ...
... sketching and doodling ...

And then there is the aspect of physical stillness. If I've had to be still for too long I'm the world's worst wiggle worm. It is impossible for me to stand or sit still for very long periods of time. I can sometimes distract myself with what ever music or visual might be at hand, but I find I need to be able to change positions; I need to be able to do something with my hands; I need to be able to get up and move.

When this card pops up to the top I think the true message is about the busy-ness trap in which I can easily find myself. It is an easy wall to erect between me and {the world} for any number of reasons. This card is a good reminder to keep life in balance and to continue to build the list of coping strategies for building mindful stillness and purposeful motion

I'd be interesting in hearing about your thoughts on this idea of stillness vs. motion.

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