Sunday, January 13, 2008


Who can resist the playful antics and the face of a puppy? Certainly not me. My husband says I'm pretty much banned from visiting any pet store for fear I'll weaken and bring home a puppy. But as much as I love dogs, my dear friend Pat loves them even more.

Pat and I have been quilting together since the mid 90's - 12 or 13 years. My goodness, that sounds like a long time and yet feels like just yesterday. Pat's not been doing too well the last few weeks. She suffered a mild heart attack right before Thanksgiving. They made the decision to wait until she was stronger to do the triple bypass surgery.

Surgery was successful and now Pat is in rehab doing her exercises and all that needs to be done for a speedy recovery, and, looks forward every day to a visit from her favorite, her golden lab, Vanilla.

Our quilting group decided what could be better than to make a quilt from all kinds of dog fabrics for Pat to snuggle in when Vanilla can't come to visit. So we put together a throw size Yellow Brick Road. Nancy pieced the blocks; Juanita put the rows together and added the borders. Yesterday I digitized Puppy Love for the quilting pattern and today I quilted it for her. Juanita is applying the binding this evening, and when our group meets again on Tuesday, we'll all work finishing up the handstitching on the binding and sign the label.

Then, we'll surprise Pat with a visit, spirit her away for lunch (if the nurses approve) and present her with her new quilt and look forward to lots more years of quilting and loving our dogs.

And just as a reminder, click here to review the symptoms for heart attacks
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