Friday, January 4, 2008

Quilting ... on little cat feet ...

The fog comes ... on little cat feet. It sits looking ... over harbor and city ... on silent haunches ... and then moves on. Carl Sandburg

A day filled with ....

Thought Provoking: an interesting article in the paper that merits reflection and revisiting at another time ... leisure sickness"

Nature's Wonder: watching the fog roll across the valley with a lion's roar only to disolve into little whisps of kitty toes slipping into the tress.

Productive: finishing up the last two borders - six steps in all - of a UFO that will be used as a sample for classes and in the booth at Spring Market.

The piecing pattern is called Hopscotch.
The quilting patterns are:
In the blocks: Gossamer Point.
In the outer border: Gossamer Wings
In the red framing border Touching Beads.
Now go back and take a second look at those fog pictures while listening to a sampling of Soothing Sunrise.
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