Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lots of Fun Stuff to Check Out

What a fun-filled great day ... work sandwiched in with play is a good balance. We had two students play their trombone solos today for league competition and they did so well. They have 5 more weeks to polish everything up before district where they compete to qualify for state.

Lunch out with my hubby is a very rare happening and is always a great treat ... followed by a quick but careful drive through the snow to get me back home and Mike off for his afternoon trombone students.

After a quick chat with my friends Al and Barb in NC I spent the rest of the day at the computer getting all the pdf's written and uploaded to my yahoo newsletter site so you will all know about the SALES, NEW DESIGNS, and FREEBIES I just uploaded to the "store" and my yahoo file sections.

I didn't want any of my blogger friends to miss out on the good deals, so I'm posting the list with links here, too. You'll find ...

    All the new designs I've created over the last month in the CATALOG 1 folder
    Two free patchwork projects that are great for stash busting and using up batting scraps in the FREE IS GOOD! folder
      A sales flyer in the SALE!SALE!SALE! folder ... and you might want to bookmark this link to have handy while you go through the sales ads.
      And yes, I did have way too much fun creating my little valentine guy with AutoSketch.


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