Thursday, February 7, 2008


Ah, the Grandma bug has bitten me. The babies are doing well. They've made it to 32 weeks and are weighing in at 4 lbs now. We're hoping they stay inside for at least 4 more weeks before they decided to brave our world and be born.

In the meantime, I searched and found the crochet hook and did a few practice pieces to remember how to do the basic stitches before trying my hand at the booties pattern I picked up at the store the other day. I must say, remembering how to do the basic stitches was easy. It was reading and interpreting the pattern that became the challenge. I'm not sure I've gotten it all right yet, but I think the booties came out pretty cute and I'm sure Colin and Luci won't notice an errant stitch here or there.

The fabric under the booties is planned for blankets. I still need to find some coordinating fabric to go with this cheery flannel. I haven't decided if I want to make it into quiltlets or receiving blankets. This is not a good time for indecision. Those babies are coming soon so I'd best be making up my mind. All you Grandmas out there need to let me know of a good baby quilt pattern. What is your favorite that would suit this cute flannel?
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