Saturday, April 2, 2011


I love red and white. I love red clothes. I love red shoes. I love red dishes. I love red in my quilts. So you can imagine my excitement when I read about the exhibit held in New York City in conjunction with the American Folk Art Museum just this last week for one week only. Joanna S. Rose shared her 650 red and white quilts from her collection of over a thousand quilts as a gift to the people of the city and surrounding area. Quilters flocked to the event and were amazed to see such a tradition of 3 decades of quilts hung in such an artful way. This was definitely not your typical quilt show.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend this show. I think subconciously for me New York City is still 3000 miles away rather than just the short train ride of only two and a half hours it takes to get there from Lenox. To read more about this show visit Martha's blog and to see even more photos visit the flicker album created for visitors to share their view of the show. And you can bet I'm signed up for the newsletter from the museum so I don't miss out on the next exhibit of interest. In fact, several of us from our quilt guild are trying to get our calendars together for a day trip to the city later this month. I'll keep you posted and take lots of photos.

These are some pillowcases that I always use with my red and white Hopscotch quilt. (Click on the link for the pattern.) They were a wedding gift for Mike and me forty-one years ago. Dare I say they are antique or vintage, and if I do, does that make Mike and me antique or vintage???
LOL Probably best not search too long for the answer to that question. I think it depends mostly on the day how "antique" I might feel.
Have a wonderful quilty weekend ... and ...

...know your craft ... practice your craft ...
... be innovative with your craft ...
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