Saturday, September 24, 2011


My favorite season of the year is the Fall. I love the color of the sunshine; I love the crisp clean air; I love crunching through the leaves on our walks through the park and the woods while Miso gets her sniffs on. Yeah, it's sweater weather.

It just doesn't seem fair that such a great season can be only 3 months long (if we're lucky) and winter can seem to go on and on forever. So I guess the only solution is to make the best of it by enjoying the season while we can making the most of each day.

I got a new kit from Tangie Baxter the other day and I think this might be a fun challenge and project to work on over the next few months ... a project that helps me celebrate this season that just feels so good. Tangie's kit is geared specifically to Halloween. It is full of images, backgrounds, and daily prompts plus adding in the tutorial videos, too. I love it when you can actually watch a person in action as they work with their pages. I learn something new every time even though I may have seen the tutorial many times before. I notice something different with each viewing.
Rather than limit my journaling to the month of October, I'll be working on October following Tangie's prompts and adding in prompts to cover September and November on my own.

  • I'm going to use one the small moleskine paper backed journals and play with some gesso and gluing pages together to give them the strength they need for collaging and to hold the paint.
  • I'll be going though my boxes of rubber stamps pulling out the ones that are seasonally appropriate. I can't believe all the stamping Pam and I used to do back in the day. It seems funny to see people excited about something we were doing years ago like it's a whole brand new thing. I do know I like working with the "new" cling stamps that just attach to the acrylic blocks. That was a "new" thing about when we began to move on to other crafty interests. Progress ...
  • And, I'm going through all my magazines foraging for fodder. I'm looking for color, words, and pictures than might be usable for collage work.
Woo Hoo ... there's the plan and it's time to get started!

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