Thursday, January 5, 2012


I suffer from an insatiable hunger for learning new things. And to satisfy that hunger I've found myself signing up for a multitude of on-line classes and workshops having to do with mixed media and art journaling. And now, to keep them all straight!!!
I figured out there were year-long workshops that I could integrate into the altered book format I'm using for art journaling and then there are all kinds of inspiration spots and stops along the way.

To integrate ...
Art Journal Caravan with Tangie Baxter: this is my third year on this adventure. Every year I do a little more and learn more than my poor little peabrain can handle. But I wouldn't miss is for the world.
Book of Days with Effy Wild: after getting the daily art journaling habit going with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer I was on the search for another group to help me continue with the habit. And then Effy's workshop popped up. The best part ... it's FREE and packed with all kinds of inspiring goodness.
Be a Seed with Milliande: another freebie that is going for as long as the inspiration keeps flowing. You just can't help but be in awe as you watch her work.
One Little Word with Ali Edwards: its so simple and Ali is a whiz a breaking things down into a do-able format, and AJC and BOD are both based on choosing a word for the year, so I figured I might as well play along with Ali, too.
And for inspiration I'm starting with:
  • Doodles Unleashed with Traci Bautista - a freebie with Strathmore
  • Inspiration Wednesday with Donna Downey - grab your coffee and watch her work.
  • Stamp Carving 101 with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer - you know, I was doing all this stamping way back before they "invented dirt" but I decided I'd better see what was new about the whole process, plus, I just love Julie's classes.
There will be more classes and inspiration down the road as I get further into the year, but this is a start for now and I'm having a blast getting my fingers all sticky with ink and paint stains on the palms of my hands.

About my first journaling spread ... I would like a little more art on the page but I love the color combination. Still struggling with getting my Pitt pens to work over all the paint/gesso layers but I'm feeling really good about my lettering style.
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