Thursday, January 26, 2012


ART JOURNAL CARAVAN 2012 has a whole new format this year. Tangie has us focusing on a word prompt but I think our words this year a from "How To Increase Your Vocabulary by 52 Words in One Year." Whew, these are words that I know but don't often appear in my day-to-day conversation and keep me thinking about how to get down on the page with images.

This week was a little easier. Soliloquy basically means "talking to yourself." LOL And there is plenty of chatter going on in my head at all times. I did notice that it only took me a couple of days during the week Mike was gone to start my own personal conversation, my on-going soliloquy once again.

This was a fun spread to work with lettering while I journaled about all the decisions I talk myself through as we work on phase one of finished the other side of the house ... Toby's studio and living quarters for the summer seasons at Tanglewood.

Supplies used on this spread include: A collage background using images from collage sheets Tangie Baxter shared with all the people participating in the Book of Days project plus tissue paper. The base was prepared with gesso and I used Pitt pens from Faber Casterll for the lettering. The outlining with done with a white Gelly Roll pen.
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