Friday, August 24, 2012


0824: path ... the way to a moment or two of serenity and peace during a wonderfully hectic month of house guests, treasured family times, and managing the routine juggling act balancing life, work, and taking care of me.
A little bit of time on this bench ...
  • time to pause,
  • to reflect on all the blessings coming my way,
  • to listen to the birds and bullfrogs sing their song,
  • to smell the perfume of flowers and herbs permeating the morning air,
  • to have my skin kissed by a gentle breeze in the warm morning sun,
  • to list my gratitudes ...
A path to help me find my way; to help me from getting lost in all the hurley-burley of the day-to-day schedules of comings and goings.
May I always remember how to find my way back to this bench ...
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