Sunday, September 16, 2012


0916: strange ... you just never know when something is going to catch your eye. Sharpen your discerning and visual perception; be open to looking at things with new and different eyes; and practice, practice, practice. Oh, AND always have your camera at the ready to capture that thought. You may not be able to sort, categorize, or make sense of at the time but ideas will begin to flow later as you sit with a cuppa and review your day.
I found this cool collection in the metal scrap bin at the back of my friend's auto shop ... saw it after we finished our walk of the morning. What caught my eye ...
  • the repetitive shapes
  • the juxtaposition of the linear and curved lines
  • the balance and mystery of light and dark
  • cool textures to work in with free motion quilting
  • a color palette that rarely shows up in my quilts ... more likely to see it in my art
... definitely pin this one to the inspiration board ...
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