Saturday, September 1, 2012


0901: me now ... all feelings of guilt are cancelled out when your daily horsecope gives you permission!

I've had such fun playing along with fatmumslim and her photo a day challenge since July that I've decided to keep going. Things I've learned about myself through this "game" ...

** refreshing/reframing a single word prompt ...
** thinking outside the box
** being more present in the moment
** noticing the little things around me in my day-to-day life in a different way
** developing a consistent daily creative practice
** finding unusual connections
** appreciating the little every day things in my week
** developing a body of work that captures daily memories
** capturing those family photo ops easily overlooked
** how to take a verbal prompt and express it visually
** to appreciate and being comfortable of being able to express/communicate in a variety of artistic mediums

But the best: I have such a terrible memory. I blame it on being so busy living life looking ahead down the road that I tend to forget my daily weekly "stuff." I love having a journaling record of those precious times.
Want to join in the game and play along this month? Go HERE for more details on just what to do.
And here is the list of prompts for the month of September:
Here's a recap collage of my photos from the month of August. I love the way Picassa makes it so easy to create a collage using selected photos from files.

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