Saturday, September 29, 2012


An annual event when we lived in Oregon was the trip to the county fair in early August ... such fun with our little quilting group checking out all the quilting entries, seeing ribbons won by friends, and, of course, snacking on a corn dog and sharing a funnel cake with a good friend.
The state fair trrip tradition always happened the last weekend in August ... Pam and I shopped our way through the commercial buildings while Norm and Mike checked out the barns ... all the farm entries for the year. Lunch once again ... you just can't beat state fair food ... scones with strawberry jam, brauts and sausage, curly fries, and the smooth creamy goodness of fresh homemade ice cream from the Oregon Dairy Association booth. (sigh)
But now we live in Massachusetts and there is no state fair. But there is THE BIG E ... a six state exposition started in 1917 originally known as Eastern States Exposition. There were differences but it was still a fair.
  • Oregon has the county exhibits building ... the Big E has The Avenue of the States. (each state has a building with exhibits highlighting that which make each "special."
  • Oregon has the Little Red School House ... the big E has Storrowton, a whole colonial village.
The commercial buildings were pretty much the same as what we had in Oregon; only one building called "farm-arama" rather than several different barns housing each kind of farm animal; and a midway, a 4-H building, and of course, lots of food vendors.   (I also skipped the chocolate covered bacon!)
It's hard to eat a funnel cake all by myself. I missed my friends during our annual trip to the fair this year.
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