Thursday, October 4, 2012


1004: what I read ... anything I can get my hands on most of the time. I absolutely loved my nook until I got my ipad. Now most of my "book" reading is done on the nook app on my ipad.
I love immersing myself in period historical fiction and am currently reading the "series" by Philippa Gregory about the women behind the men during the War of the Roses.  The White Queen, The Red Queen, The Ladies of the Rivers ... I must say that confusing time in history is beginning to make a little bit more sense to me now.
I also love the series TOMBS written by Ken Follet. Thank goodness for tablet reading. I think I might kill someone if I dropped one of those huge books while I dozed off as I reading. His books tend to remind me of James Michner ... really digs in deep to the storyline bringing it to life like no other.
It's a funny thing in this day and age of technology. I find myself most nights ear buds in place going to sleep listening to a book on my ipod. Rarely do I make it past 15 minutes which is a good thing. I have difficulty turning of my brain when my head hits the pillow. Such is not the case when someone reads a bedtime story to me. I have even been known to listen to the audible version while reading along at the same time. Seems like the ultimate in being spoiled, but why not indulge myself once in a while.
One of the things I don't read very much is the newspaper. I tend to get my current events from a variety of media. However, I do find that reading The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal is a more common occurance for me these days. Do you suppose that is because of apps on my ipad?
My bookshelves will always be filled with my much loved hobby-related books and magazines. My wall of quilting related books and my growing collection of mixed-media art journaling related books and magazines serves me well for inspiration and motivation. Most days ... usually morning coffee in hand ... you will find me curled up in a comfy chair easing my way into the day while thumbing through the pages getting my creative juice flowing. It's like my mental stretching routine before I start the work for the day.
I've never stood in line for concert tickets or at a store for a shopping spree, sale or grand opening, but I have stood in a line that wrapped around the corner, out the door, and down the block to have a book signed by an author ... but that's a story for another day.
What's your favorite read these days?
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