Sunday, June 2, 2013


I took the month of May off from formal posting of my photos in response to the daily prompts issued by Chantelle at However, I did still take photos each day and kept up on my project life entries (to be shared another day) ...

But now we are in the month of June and it's time to get back on track and into the routines again.
JUNE 1: something beginning with B ... not very original but a record of my every day life - my usual breakfast of almonds and a hazelnut latte.
Later in the day I encounter another significant "beginning with B" item that I will be searching for. We had lunch at a favorite local breakfast/lunch spot called Haven. I absolutely love their blueberry herbal iced tea and would like to find a source for the bags (?) or whatever is used so I can make mine own brew here at home. So refreshing on these beastly hot days were experiencing here in the Berkshires.
JUNE 2: a moment ... today was a day of several small moments strung together were errands and running from here to there to tie up loose ends. I took a moment to grab a quick lunch at Panera ... chicken cobb salad with avocado with ... you guessed it ... berry iced tea once again!
In case you're interested in playing along with the photo-a-day challenge you can find the list of daily prompts HERE.
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