Monday, June 3, 2013


It took a little more than a few visits to see Grandpa Mike while he was teaching for Colin & Lucia to feel totally comfortable going in to visit him in his studio on their own. However, there was plenty of time for them to become completely at ease with their searches for Grandpa Mike when they stayed with us on their own for 10 days. So you can imagine the feeling of "special-ness" when Colin asked for AND received a special dinosaur treasure he happened to spy on a studio shelf on one of these surprise studio visits. (I'm not sure who felt more special ... Colin or Grandpa Mike.)
Lucia's moments of "special-ness" came when she and KK had to "do up their faces" each morning and pick just the right necklace and/or earrings to go with the outfit of the day.
And for the index-card-a-day (ICAD) challenge today the prompt was to incorporate faux stitching for attaching elements or as a part of the design. I also chose to integrate my mixed media/art journaling challenges on the same piece of art and work with the word-of-the-week for the Art Journal Caravan ... transcend.
all supplies from kits by Tangie Baxter at

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