Monday, July 28, 2014


You've heard of Boxing Day? Well, today is BAILING DAY! 

We woke to thunder and lighning this morning about 4:30 and then the rain started coming down ... slowly at first and then sheets and buckets and buckets and sheets! 

That means water in the basement. When the rain comes down that fast there is nowhere for it to go but into our window wells. The ground water level builds up so fast we can barely keep up bailing out the wells. Mike is pretty handy with a bucket while I'm inside with the shop vac taking care of the water that runs in under the basement door.

AND THEN we looked out to the street and our driveway. Yup, our driveway was washing across our lower lawn and down the street. We now call it the WALKER STREET RIVER since this seems to be happening more frequently than it should. Last month the rains washed away the other side of the street. 

Oh, and about our driveway ??? Yes, and I quote a city worker: "We crowned the road so the water would run down both sides of the road." Now, I'm no engineer, but this seems to be just a little wacky from where I'm sitting.

Needless to say, that was NOT a fun way to start the day and there is more on the way yet this evening.
Not much time for art or quilting today.

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