Monday, July 21, 2014


Another week ready for documenting and memory making! This week was all about doodling with the white pens. I think it really helps to move the elements of the doodles across the page seams to help create a sense of unity and help move the eye over the spread.

Choosing which white pens (any pens for that matter) that will work on the background strata of our pages is always a challenge. However, there is an all-time favorite white pen among most of us in the art journaling world and that is the Uni Ball Signo UM 153. The other white pen I used (for the larger tip) was the Sharpie Poster Paint marker.

The base for my pages on this spread were ... a light layer of white gesso followed by pan pastels, spray fixative, and then a little acrylic paint here and there. The acrylic paint was added for the most part after the doodling was finished.

An excellent resource for more information all about white pens can be found on the blog at Jet Pens: 

... and now for the pages ...

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