Monday, July 14, 2014


It may seem like that is what happened - my falling down the rabbit hole, but in reality, it's more like having fun exploring and playing with all different kinds of art projects in the studio. Alas, the digital collage project fell by the wayside as I played more and more with mixed media. I'll never understand why I can't seem to do digital projects AND mixed media at the same time. Maybe it's the sticky, painterly inky fingers on the keyboard??? Who's to know. It's a mystery, but it's something I plan on working on more in the future.

Another thing that happens to me is that I can't seem to learn new techniques and process the art that is happening in my heart and soul at the time AND think about or figure out how to write about it. Another thing for me to work on as the days go by.  

And so, I'll just jump in with the current project of the day and we can go from there. THE DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT has been going on this year with the girls over at Art to the 5th and there are some amazing pieces of art being shared within the group.

The project consists of planner pages and weekly challenges with the option and encouragement to personalize and adapt the project to fit your style and format. I will be sharing my work throughout the rest of the year with an occasional journal flip here and there to show work done in the past too.

And so ... WEEK 29: Challenge: add a wish list ...

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