Friday, October 10, 2014


a 31 day challenge to use a black base and a white pen and to draw of sketch for 10 minutes every day ...

I started out first just exploring all the different white mark-making tools I had in my pen box at the time.

At first I was going to use what I had on hand as a background paper no matter what the color as long as it was dark. I had a cardstock pad with several different solids that would work. But then, shortly after deciding this was the way to go, I found myself in Michaels and the black cardstock pad had enough pages to last me a lifetime and it was on sale. I caved!

My next decision was how I would keep these little sketches together. Last spring I started a moleskine hard-bound journal (about 5x7) for practicing my lettering and playing with some listing journaling. I continued in the same journal combining my September #30daysoflists challenge and At the End of My Pen 1. It seemed only right that I continue with At the End of My Pen II in the same journal even though the pages were graph paper and not black. I decided to use some as tip-ins and to just glue the black page in for others.

The result: I found myself roughing out the sketch idea on the graph-paper page kind of like a practice drawing before committing with the white pen. It's a little intimidating to just start sketching with the white pen on the black. Not very forgiving or erasable! But I've learned a lot about my white pens and how to control the ink and to make the drawings a little more sketchy when that is the effect I'm going for.

Enjoy the little bit of a sneak peek and come back for a final wrap-up at the end of the month.

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