Monday, November 3, 2014


I DID IT! DONE! DONE! AND DONE! I actually finished the challenge ... saw it through all the way to the end! 31 days of drawing for at least 10 minutes a day right on the heels of a 21 Day habit-developing drawing challenge. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of this with my days feeling empty if I haven't drawn something yet.

Things I learned out myself throughout the challenge:
  • I like drawing and am up to the challenge
  • I see things differently and am more willing to draw WHAT I SEE rather than WHAT I THINK I SEE
  • I like drawing with pencil or pen rather than white gel pens on black paper. (love the look but have to really get myself pumped up yet to be comfortable with the white on black)
  • I love seeing little drawings here and there in my planner, in my morning pages, and in my art journal - the pages have more soul
  • i love the challenge of taking a concept and working out how to represent the idea visually rather than with (or in addition to) words
... and now, for some final peeks from the journal ..

... prompt: out there: ANGELS "out there" all around us ...
... prompt: illuminates: thankful for beautiful Berkshire sunrises and sunsets ...
... prompt: increase: documenting the process of leaf season ...

... prompt: make time: ... for family

... prompt: taught me: this challenge "taught me" to trust the process ...

... prompt: so nice: a pile of books waiting by my bed ...

... prompt: in honor of Halloween AND good advice: DON'T BUMP THE GLUMP ...

This workshop is still available with Tangie Baxter as a self-paced course.
Go HERE to find out more.

... and as a final treat - watch what this street artist has AT THE END OF HIS PAINTBRUSH!

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