Friday, January 16, 2015


Journal Art Documented:                                                             the sharing of my daily practice of ...

  • drawing and impromptu sketching
  • doodles and tangles
  • patterns and mark making
The challenge:
  • to show up daily
  • to believe in myself and go for it
  • to play and experiment with different mediums 
The materials:
  • my composition notebook most of the time - 2 pages taped or glued together 
  • my fingers and barely damp baby wipes to smear and smudge
  • a variety of different mark-makers and a good quality eraser
... angels and elephants seems to be my spirit guides and encouragers this year ...
... they come with ideas, admonitions, and gentle caring ...

... practicing patterning developing muscle memory for a variety of shapes ...
... using pattern to create shading, texture, or fill ...
... learning to hear and heed the secret messages in the language of the patterns ...

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