Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WHISPER 52: 09

The intention: creating cards that contain ... 

  • affirmations
  • favorite quotes
  • secret messages
  • wordless art
  • inspiration
  • thought for the day
  • motivation
  •  and angel whisperings

Hindsight can be a great teaching tool but it can also a vessel filled with regrets. "If-only's" and "shoulda-coulda-woulda's" can fill our days while getting lost in our rush to the next goal, the next task to cross off the list, the next meal to fix and laundry load to put in the dryer or fold.

But the little moments along the way ... the gems to treasure, the bits and bobs of every-day-life to be harvested along the way ... that's what I treasure the most. 

Sure I wish I had started a practice of documenting my days earlier along my path. 
Sure I wish I had made time for the conversations with loved ones since passed. 
Sure I wish they were here to help me fill in the blanks and tell the stories that go with the pictures. 

Hindsight ... sigh. 
Today I honor and re-affirm my practice of daily documenting. 
I embrace my story as it emerges.
And, I do it for me. 
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