Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Just when we think we have the planners all filled in with ideas and schedules, calendars running on track, and the day-to-day stuff running pretty smoothly ... life, the universe, fate, destiny tosses a few stones in the path to trip us up. The trick is to see if we can eventually learn to land on our feet ... to pick ourselves up, brush off the trail dust and keep on keeping-on. 

After going through some intense restructuring of life to accommodate family care-giving duties I think we have a plan ... today.  No guarantees for the future, but for now ... we're still in the game and swimming along. I've been able to maintain most of my daily practices except keeping in touch on social media - and I've missed my community and our connections. 

So here I am, back and getting life documented and shared with those that care. I plan to eventually go back (post-date) blogs I've missed just because I'm like that  ... keeping things in order even though they are (late postings) and I apologize now for any confusion.

Thanks for stopping by and look for new posts to be happening 
over the next few days as I play catch-up and get re-connected.
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