Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'll bet you all thought I went to the retreat and just ran away ... never to come back. Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea, but if I was going to run away, it would be back to those two sweet little grand babies!

Yes, they are here, healthy and home eating, sleeping, and ... well, you know what babies do. VBG

Much to the joy (and consternation) of extended family members, the babies came on February 29th about 8:25 in the morning. They had to spend a week in the hospital gathering strength, passing tests, and gaining weight before they could come home.

They have a daily workout routine they must do called "tummy time." Preemies have great stretching muscles and reflexes but their flexor reactions/muscles still need more work. So, the babies spend about 30 minutes every day on their tummies on a blanket on the floor working on pulling in developing the flexor muscles.

I did get the quilts all finished for the family. I was in the air on my way to teach in San Diego and deliver the quilts while the babies were being born. Talk about perfect timing. Babies and Momma and Poppa love the quilts. The pattern is such an easy pattern I will be sharing it as a free pattern as soon as I get all the directions written. I love the idea of the matching quilts for the family as a shower gift. It's fun to see the parents wrapped up in the big quilt with the babies cuddled in a miniature of the same pattern and fabrics. After weeks of struggling with making a decision as which pattern to use for the baby quilts, I think I came up with a pretty good solution.
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