Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Oh my! New grandbabies, getting very sick with a repspiratory infection, and then playing catch-up really does put one behind. But, we should be back on schedule now. So let's get to the fun stuff .. what have I been working on?

Digitizing and Designing seem to be the task of the day. I have several new digitized designs for you Statler Users that will be posted soon into the online catalog. And, of course, International Spring Market is here in Portland, OR starting this afternoon with setup and the show floor opening to buyers on Friday. I have 3 new patterns to present to shop owners and then the public this spring.

MQS 117 TWISTING RIBBONS: What a great pattern with a traditional look and using only four fabrics. Piecing techniques include strip piecing and sew-n-fold corners making this pattern quick and easy to piece, and you will be able to make a "free" small throw quiltlet from the left-overs after trimming away "waste" triangles.

MQS 118 PEEK-A-BOO: Another quick and easy pattern to piece! I can always tell which patterns are favorites for me and are quick to piece because I will have multiple samples of that pattern. This pattern is one of those quilts. Only three fabrics needed - work for contrast in value and scale to create the light dark affect as the blocks form strong diagonal lines. To help stay within the designs lines of the pattern, I've included mitered borders as a part of the quilt pattern. (More about piecing mitered borders later.)

And finally, MQS 120 BEBE BEARS! Remember the baby quilts I made for our new expanded family ... I decided to include the multiple sizes into a complete pattern. We have a queen size quilt for the Moma and PaPa Bear, the baby size quilt for the baby bears, and we mustn't leave out the Grandma and Grandpa Bear. There is a throw size, as well, for snuggling, cuddling and loving at Grandma and Grandpa's house, too.

As promised two long months ago, the free pattern for the baby quilt can be found in the "FREE IS GOOD" folder on my yahoo newsletter site.

It's good to be back! Have a wonderful day and come back soon to see pictures and read all about Spring Market here in beautiful Portland Oregon.

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