Monday, September 1, 2008


It lives up to all of the press hype and advertising. I do believe this is the most amazing natural landmark I have ever seen. We visited Yellowstone National Park just a couple of years ago. We saw lots of different bubbling mud pots, spectacular canyon views, geysers and animals ... but ... I have to say, the Grand Canyon views top them all.

At the first view point we were treated to not only amazing views but a thunderstorm off in the distance with lightning and booming thunder claps rolling and echoing through the canyons.

I love finding little "window views" with my camera viewfinder.

The awesome power of wind, water and weather.

A flat faced cliff and a steep wall of rock in every direction you could look.

Isolated tableland jutting out from the edge of the canyon ... or ...
... standing as a lone tower up from the canyon floor.
You'll definitely want to include Grand Canyon National Park on your adventure list.
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