Sunday, August 31, 2008


Much excitement driving across the Mojave Desert into Needles, CA! A lightning thunderstorm that was as beautiful as only the great Southwest can offer. And then it began to rain. The first squall was heavy but do-able ... most likely because we were able to follow a truck.

However, during the second squall we were on our own. The rain came down so hard and fast the little center stripe markers that stick up above the surface of the road were underwater and it was most difficult to see exactly where the road was.

As we came up to the crest of a hill just before descending into Needles the shoulder of the road was lined with trucks. I said to Mike, "I wonder what they know that we don't." but we kept going and found a room in Needles for the night.

When Mike checked in he found that they had been without power most of the day - during a high temperature of 115; 27 power poles had been knocked down due to wind and flash flooding; and the road was closed just beyond the town of Needles. Now we know what those truckers knew that we didn't!

The next morning the freeway was truck central as the road east opened up to traffic ... we shared the road with all the trucks that had been stopped for the night plus all the new ones that joined us on their trek headed east.

Next destination: Grand Canyon National Park.

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