Thursday, September 11, 2008


To finish up the last legs of our wonderful adventure driving across country ...

a brief overnight stay in Pittsburg and drive up 28 on some beautiful country roads on our way into Boston. As you can see, the CRV was packed from front to back with all of Toby's horns, mutes, and a couple of tubs of music - scores, experpts, and arrangements for his brass groups, lessons, and master classes.

I had fun trying nightime pictures while driving in the car. I think this one would look kind of cool done up in fabric!

Boston on a good day is such a great place to visit. I had been there once before briefly just for a day, but now it gets even better because grandbabies are there to play with as well as visiting with our son and his wife.

We did the usual touristy things ... walked almost all of the freedom trail and thoroughly enjoyed listening to Toby during his regular night time practice session in the hall. What a wonderful inspirational place whether you're making music with your horn or with your needle. I want to have some fun developing a digitized quilting collection from the elements of ornamentation in this historic much-loved symphony performance hall.
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