Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's been a very full week!

REMODELING the soon-to-be new guest room on the main floor.
REMODELING my website with a whole new look.
... and ... Lots and lots of quilting.

Things I've learned about myself:
I have no desire to ever have a job that consists of day-in and day-out time at the computer entering data. Redoing a website can be fun ... the decorating part ... but the organizing, sorting, and putting things where they belong in a pleasing display can get to be a little tedious. But, the store is filled; old designs displayed nicely and there are about 30 new designs!

The web master promises me I should be live by Tuesday! Can't wait after all the hard work. Be sure to come in soon and check out the new look and take advantage of the Grand Opening Sale going on until the end of September.

I have no desire to ever have a job in construction (ie: tearing up the room, insulating it, hanging drywall, texturizing, preping for painting or paint.) All I want to do is the decorating part ... you know, hanging the quilts on the walls and displaying them on the bed.

We're supposed to be able to begin painting on Tuesday and hopefully have everything put back together for guests this weekend when I'm hosting a Creative Studio Class taught by Al Hutchins.

I know I have way too many shoes. I think it's time to pare them down and maybe I can have the remaining favorites all sorted in a 25 cube shoe storage unit. It's a thought.

I know I have way too much fabric. What a chore taking it all down into the basement so the remodeling could begin. But, I'm doing my best to use it up in class samples, pattern design, and projects here and there.

But let talk about all the fun stuff ... those quilts I finished up for customer this week. I tell you about the first two quilts tonight and then I'll add more tomorrow.

These quilts are for my friend Juanita. She made the brown and pink nine-patch for her grand daughter Melissa. It is a king size quilt and I think that might be the last time Juanita makes one that big. She always makes big bed size quilts for everybody in her family, but this one was the biggest of all!

The flowers in the fabric were my inspiration for a pattern I called 1003 A NEW DAY DAISY. I love how it goes with the quilt so well. I used it on another quilt again tonight - a puzzle quilt with all batik fabrics. There is a similar flower in the border fabric; these flowers are just light and cherry.

The second quilt was pieced by Juanita's daughter who will be giving the quilt to her daughter Laura. All flannel and a stack and slash which is a great quilt pattern. Everyone needs to make at least one stack and slash in their lifetime! They are so fun and easy to do. I call them instant sucess quilts.

I used a pattern I call 1232 RIPPLES & HEARTS which worked up great with all that soft flannel and a puffy batt. I know Laura is going to love snuggling in her quilt this winter when the temperatures get chilly!

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