Monday, September 17, 2012


0917: in my fridge ... A place for everything; everything in it's place. (bfranklin) Words to live by. One can dream and aspire to acheive but occassionally there is the proverbial REALITY CHECK ie: don't look too closely at those shelves in my fridge. LOL
Staying organized on a consistent basis just don't fit in with my predominately right-brained functioning self. And so I'm inclined to embrace my inner self with abandon and celebrate small daily triumphs in the daily battle to maintain ...
  • a cleared desk at the end of the day
  • an up-to-date calendar and task list (with things actually checked complete - oh were we supposed to do that, too!)
  • fabric sorted (by color, by project, by __________ - you fill in the blank
  • notes on scraps and odd bits of paper duely recorded and round-filed
  • books ordered by author ... or were they supposed to be ordered by technique ??? now I'm confused
  • thread sorted by color, by tex number/weight ... but some are varigated ... HELP!!!!
I like to think each one of us has our own personal organizational style. My style may not make any sense at all to anyone else, but usually, I can find IT, I know where IT is ... just give me a minute. If I've touched IT or seen IT in the last few weeks I can put my hands on IT without too much trouble. However, let me just clarify ... packing up and moving your studio can tend to disrupt things a bit and it may take me a bit to get things back into some semblance of Kay's Ordered Chaos.
I do like gathering unusal containers for organizing things in my studio ... vintage boxes, jars, crates, buckets, and bins are a favorite; I can never have too many tubs and snap bins, and rollie carts and drawer stacks really help when keeping like-items together but sorted. I love including family heirlooms ... Mike's grandmother's sewing kit along with her now-vintage button collection. Books, notebooks, and file folders help me keep projects corralled and prioritized.
But, a thought ... back to the initial photo-a-day prompt ... in my fridge: as I got ready to take that photo I thought to myself, "The design of refridgerators is all wrong. They should be wider and more shallow. Who knows what is hidden way back at the back of that shelf, and even worse yet, how long has it been there!" Personally, I think the shelves should fit the length of my medium size baking dish. That would be just right.
Don't even get me started on the art supply chaos!
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