Tuesday, September 18, 2012


0918 price typewriter
0918: price ... and it was just right. I don't know what I will be doing with this amazing vintage typewriter. Did you ever take TYPING in high school? The thing I remember the most is the sound ... the rhythm of the tapping of the keys and the ding signaling "return carriage." To this day, I can still see my mom sitting at the kitchen table with her typewriter recording and transfering family recipes to her stack of index cards. I attributed my success in typing class to hours and hours of playing the piano and the internalization of the rhythm and sound of what typing should be. Hmmm ... that sucess hasn't transferred very well to texting ...
I don't know if my "new" typewriter works. So far all I've used it for is as a photo prop but I did a google search and found an amazing list of sources for replacement ribbons as well as youtube videos demonstrating how to replace the ribbons. Good to know since I'm sure over the many years, I've forgotten that little detail.
Another price that is just right ... the discount coupon code for the ENTIRE store here at Mountaintop Quilting.
the code: daisydaysbright_05
good until: midnight September 30th
works on: EVERYTHING
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