Thursday, January 24, 2013


The prompt from the photo-a-day challenge with #fmsphotoaday today is STRIPES and that got me thinking ... STRIPES also serves as a fun prompt for the THURSDAY 13 list.

I am most pleased any time I can combine challenges and prompts into one task ... can you come up with 13 things that naturally or almost always have stripes? Don't forget to click on the links above for more info about each of these challenges and to see what fun things others came up with in response to the prompt.

Here's what I came up with ...

  1. flags
  2. sargents
  3. zebras
  4. the road
  5. referees
  6. tigers
  7. watermelon rind
  8. barcodes
  9. tv test patterns
  10. bumble bees
  11. barber poles
  12. skunks
  13. candy canes
... a fun mental diversion and exercise ...
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