Thursday, January 8, 2015


Let's face it ... I'm a sucker for words. I love the way certain words sound; I love making up words; I love the way some words feel in my mouth. I love putting words on paper. And I love learning new words. Many times there are words that I have a general idea as to what they mean just from the context within which it is used. However, that doesn't always translate into that words becoming a part of my vocabulary. One day "said word" may sneak into my conversation and afterwards I think to my self, "Oh dear, did I use "said word" correctly or did I just embarrass myself with one of my infamous made-up definitions. Yikes!  

During the month of December I participated in a journaling challenge with Teresa Robinson aka: stargardener and The Art journal Community  using a set of 31 single word prompts to help jump-start my journaling process. There are any number of places on the internet offering journaling prompts but this one happened to resonate. I liked the format ... single words on a swatch of paint, torn paper edges, jumbled up in a small jar just waiting for me to draw one each day. I would glue it onto my journal page and start writing. 

When January rolled around, I couldn't give up the practice. It was so spontaneous. Some days the prompt really made me think and other days it was clearly a journal-spilling session with not enough room on the page. So I created my own little collection of word charms.

Yesterday the word was ubiquitous. Now this is one of those words that I know it when I read it but it would be a rare day you would ever hear me actually use it in conversation. But, after coming across it in an article I was reading, the usage was just vague enough, I had to do a double check with the dictionary and thesaurus. The topic of the article was important enough to me that I had to weigh in with my opinion in my journal and, now I OWN THE WORD! :)

The word for today ... JOURNEY ... was serendipitous. 

The Back Story: I was moaning and groaning in my journal about all the organizing and cleaning needing to be done not only in the studio but also with the electronic files. (kind of comes with the territory of setting up a new computer ... ugh) Getting systems in place ... sustainable systems can be a daunting task at best and it always seems to be more difficult to get the proverbial ball rolling once again after the holidays. My final words: It is a never-ending task searching for a system that works. WILL I EVER FIND IT???

And then I drew my word for today ... and an immediate feeling of peace settled in once more. I breathed. I stretched, I was calm, and I leaned in to the angel whisperings. 

I don't need to have all the answers today. 
It's okay to explore and try a different way. 
Relax ... and ENJOY the JOURNEY.

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