Tuesday, February 3, 2015


IN THE END - my words for the year never leave me-

THIS IS WHAT I KNOW: the thoughtful selection of a word, the settling of an intention to focus on for the year becomes a cumulative journey with meaningful purpose-driven steps as I walk the path of my life.

I found myself a little distracted and at loose ends looking back over the last couple of months remembering the struggle it was to come up with my word this year. Usually I know what my guiding principle will be for the up-coming year at the end of October or early November. not this year. I had lots of words. The words sorted and organized themselves into themes. I had words for each month but settling on an "umbrella word" ... a word to take me through the year, a word to light my path on the darkest of dark days, a word to sing with me on days of glory and celebration ... WHERE WAS MY WORD?

... unclear, unsure, spiraling, paralyzed, fumbling, stumbling ...
... without a ruder, without direction, without purpose ...
... brainstorming, listening, searching for inspiration ...
... nothing seems to help ...
... where is the match, where is the resonating ...
... where is the connection between me and my word ...

My words from the past have resonated loud and clear.
Should I choose one of those words again?

I try on the the shoes of BALANCE.
I play with planners CREATING ORDER.
I taste the flavor of SAVOR.
I dig in testing CULTIVATE.

The message from THE UNIVERSE is a resounding, "NO." so I sit and I listen.
The message from THE UNIVERS is a gentle touch, "be still; quiet your mind, and listen."
The message from THE UNIVERSE is a reminder. "You will hear. You will heed. Be still. Quiet your mind. Close your eyes, and ... listen."

And finally ... I hear my word.
My word resonates.
My word echoes from the hills bouncing off canyon walls.
My word magically appears on billboards and in headlines.
My word gains strength and power.
My word connects with my energy.
I own my word and my word owns me.

THIS IS WHAT I KNOW: I choose my word for a year but it doesn't magically disappear at midnight December 31st. I continue to wear my words throughout the rest of my life. There is a spiraling ripple of energy that continues to build and grow in strength as I embrace the cumulative power and energy of my words. Adding a new word each year gives added strength and support to my words from the past. I become a stronger person as my words become cornerstone concepts building a foundation to the HOUSE OF KAY.

my words for the year never leave me-

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