Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WHISPER 52: 05

The intention: creating cards that contain ... 

  • affirmations
  • favorite quotes
  • secret messages
  • wordless art
  • inspiration
  • thought for the day
  • motivation
  •  and angel whisperings

She left me there on the table "to cook," needles placed strategically. 

Sometimes I sleep.

Sometimes I close my eyes and enjoy and wonder about the virtual light show playing on the back of my eyelids.

Sometimes I look at the seagull shaped cracks in the ceiling imagining their wild cries as they fly the waves. I hear the sound of my childhood.

Sometimes my mind is wild and chaotic with thoughts ... the to-do list, project ideas, snippets of poems, creating energy running rampant and amok - how will I ever remember all of these great ideas!

Sometimes I meditate ... I feel the healing travel through the crown of my head energy flowing through each of the chakras ... healing energy ... relief ... warmth ... universal energy ... ancient knowledge ...

Sometimes I notice to the sounds outside the window ... chimes on the hour ... children playing in the park ... birds chattering and nattering in their social communities ... the neighborhood ball game ... 

AND sometimes I listen ... 
AND sometimes I hear ... 
AND sometimes I remember ...
... what the angels had to say to me that day.

Have the angels tapped you on the shoulder lately? Have you received a secret message?
If you decide to play along, leave a link to your posting in the comments (blog, IG, or Twitter) 
and I'll drop by and leave some love.
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