Sunday, February 17, 2013


I say ... and you think ... ?
Schedule: do not box me in with a tight rushed schedule - immediate stress

Guest: thinking ahead and planning for when Betty comes at the end of the month
Stall: procrastinate, in a holding pattern, me at the moment
Cold: the weather still ... ready for spring temps (but not the mud)
Editorial: comments and asides - the chatter that lurks in my brain
Striped: Nancy pieced her striped blocks at quilting yesterday
Curtains: wonder about adding my red/white blocks to a white shower curtain rather than making a shower curtain quilt - could also add to the laundry area curtains - hmmm ... less blocks to make :)
Cramping: so hate night-time leg cramps; wish I knew what caused them and the best way to avoid having them.
March: a month of rebirth, renewal, refreshing ... begin again
Folder: I think the files and folders are getting more organized with my digi art supplies
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