Friday, February 22, 2013

022213 FRIDAY FILL-IN we go!
Paisly was big in the 70's but not so much these days. Maybe it's making a come-back with all the retro/vintage styling. It makes a great quilting design especially for whole-cloth quilting where you can really see the quilting design.
I really need to take the time to go searching while shopping to find just the right hat for the summer concert season - stylish and yet practical.
Where is the energy, focus and drive? I hate it when my "muchness" seems to fade.
I thoughts last week, "Will the pain and stiffness/swelling in my wrist never end? And then I went to see Becky, my acupuncturist, and now my wrist is almost back to normal. She is definitely a miracle worker!
Sometimes, less is tough to be satisfied with, but cutting back is easier when the container (bag, page, cup, plate, time increment) is smaller. It's a great way to fool they eye.
An amazing fact: I go years and years without every needing it and all of sudden it seems every new recipe I want to try is calling for Grey Poupon. You can find one of my favorites HERE.
And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching ARGO, tomorrow my plans include enjoying the live-streaming BSO concert on, and Sunday I want to sit in my chair and read all day - ahhh, the height of an ultimate indulgence. Maybe I'll watch the HUNGER GAMES, too.
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