Friday, March 8, 2013

030813 FRIDAY FILL-IN we go!
Life can be quite confusing and yet very satisfying all at the same time.

It started with one and then another and more kept falling and falling all around me, and then a little snowflake fell right on my eyelash.

I knew is was love when I first saw her bright black eyes and her little black wet cold nose. How would I ever make it without Miso in my life.

It's always amazing to me to have snow on the ground when we have sunshine and blue skies overhead. A rare day for something like that to happen in the Pacific Northwest but a common occurance here in New England.

A little nap is wonderful when the house is quiet and there's not a presence of chaotic energy.

On a cold winter day, a bowl of hot soup with crusty bread on the side is on of my favorite things to eat for dinner.

And as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to quiet time in the studio after dinner, tomorrow my plans include some quality time with the kids at the BSO family concert, dinner at Legal Seafood, and then back to their house for playtime and babysitting while everyone else is off to Toby's performance of the David for Concerto Night at Faneuil Hall. And Sunday, I want to do some good cooking ahead for the week and start working on the newspaper art journals for the twins.

And today ... staying cozy and warm watching the snowflakes continue to keep falling -
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